WARNING! Don't buy another weight loss product until you read this...

SHOCKING PROOF: "The Real Reason You Struggle With Weight Loss Is Because The Diet Industry is Lying To You!
If You're Serious About Weight Loss Then This Is The #1 Way To Get A Flat Belly"

Diet Pills and Their Dangerous Side Effects
Expensive Creams, Drops, Bars, Patches, Gimmicks and Fads
Lies and Promises of Exagerated Weight Loss
The Endless Dieting Cycle


Hello I'm Sara and I have a somewhat unusual and extraordinary weight loss STRATEGY that I would like to share with you today.

This mostly unmentioned (often on purpose) but Essential fat burning secret has been hiding right under your nose and it's something that I share immediately with my clients, and the people who use my Dieta Addio Guaranteed weight loss System.
It will explain how I lost kilograms of The Most Stubborn Fat that had been faithfully 'by my sides' for decades.

PLEASE NOTE: The information contained in this page will only be up for a short amount of time because:

1. I have to be fair to my clients who have actually paid for this advice and,
2. There are companies with a lot more money and influence than me who would like nothing better than to see most of the information here removed.

I'm going to show you why it's not your fault that you've never been able to get the lean healthy body you've always wanted, and how the diet and fitness industry has been deceiving, cheating and ripping off honest people.

And, I'll GIVE you my Amazingly Simple System that has helped Thousands of people, just like you, to eliminate unwanted body fat, waste, colon plaque and dangerous toxins. And this was after nothing else worked for them.

And these little known secrets Work For Everyone:

Males and Females
All ages
Especially if you've tried to lose weight and failed before
if you have a busy life and only a little time to exercise
Especially if you have stubborn fat around your waist that you can't seem to burn no matter what you try
if you have slow metabolism and bad family genetics
No matter how unhealthy or overweight you might be
If you don't want to starve yourself with boring tasteless foods

But MORE IMPORTANTLY you keep the weight off long term, and achieve permanent freedom from the cycle of weight loss and weight gain!



"The Weight Loss Was Automatic"
Hemorrhoids Cure Story

"When I told people that the diet and exercise weren't working for me they always assumed I was secretly cheating, that I was lazy and didn't have the willpower to stick to a diet.

DietaAddio showed me that it was the toxic substances in my system that was making it difficult for my body to operate at 100%.

I NOW understand that certain foods create the need to eat more! They lowered my metabolism and made weight loss impossible, regardless of what I ate
and how much I exercised.Hemorrhoids Cure Story

Once I flushed out the toxins the weight loss was automatic.
I Have No cravings whatsoever; and I don't get nearly as hungry as I used

I am very happy with your weight loss system and with you in particular. In your emails I really felt like you were truly concerned with my weight loss difficulties, and you gave me plenty of good advice and motivation."




"I now have the confidence to stop dieting"

"You know the whole definition of the word 'diet' is the thing that annoys me the most. A temporary solution... and then once you stop all the same problems come back as before.

I can't and don't want to be on a diet forever.

Sara, you are so clever.
Nobody else has addressed the problem that normal everyday people with hectic lives and little time face every day.

After using your system for 16 weeks I have lost 10 kilograms.
I now have the confidence to stop dieting and use the small lifestyle changes to keep the weight off long term.

And It just proves You Do Not Have To Spend Hours In the Gym To Lose Fat.

Thank you so much for sharing something with me that finally works, and makes common sense."

Maria Venturo,



"You will undoubtedly achieve impressive weight loss"

"It's refreshing how Sara takes theories by the so-called “Experts” Sara Mancini emorroidi Cura (anyone in the Diet Industry who is making money while keeping you fat and sick) and then dissects them. And you don't need a health degree to follow along, just some common sense.

If you are ready to take a good look at some harmful habits that have been holding you back, then you will undoubtedly achieve impressive weight loss, but more important - a healthier and happier existence.

Think of Dieta Addio as a system that makes small, almost unnoticed changes to your lifestyle to get big weight loss results."

Francesca Santillo, Certified Nutritionist, Exercise Coach, Yoga Teacher,
Author: "My Kitchen Love Affair"



"I love It. Not Starving at all!" Hemorrhoids Cure Story

"Before I found your nutrition tips online, the diet that I was using was dangerously low in calories.
My understanding was that all fats and carbs were bad...

At first I was scared to eat that much but nonetheless the fat started coming off, to my surprise!

I always used to look at the Calories on products, not caring about the ingredients and how many artificial chemicals were present.
You have helped me to better understand the role that my organs and digestive system play.

Hemorrhoids Cure StoryI felt like I was STUCK at 70 kilograms, regardless of how much I exercised.

In the first 3 months of your system I lost 15 kilograms, and reached my goal weight.
And because I now use a lot of your suggestions in my everyday life it has been quite easy to maintain my weight.

I have learned so much and I’m very appreciative for your advice."




"From the very beginning I saw improvements with my health"
Hemorrhoids Cure Story

"From the very beginning I saw improvements with my health.
My energy increased, I was able to do more exercises. My complexion looked clean and fresh.

I had some digestive issues which have cleared up after taking your advice about the probiotics.

I was taking a medication that would cause my weight to fluctuate.
I came off the medication in November, but my weight would not decrease after that.

After about 1 week into your program my system began to stabilize.Hemorrhoids Cure Story
And after 2 weeks I lost 4 kilos, and then I lost about 1/2 kilo to 1 kilo per week for the next 3 months. And I have managed to maintain my weight since then.

Some things you taught that have helped me tremendously - eat a variety of foods, and how to overcome the cravings, and the quick exercise routines.

I am still using The recipes, they are simple, tasty and easy to prepare.
There are 5 that I really enjoy and use very often."



I'm going to show you the Exact Steps needed to lose weight and keep it off permanently, and they're pretty much the opposite of what most weight loss programs are telling you to do!
But before we continue let me tell you What This Is NOT:

Another ridiculous fad diet
Another scam that requires you to buy expensive supplements, health bars or shakes for months on end
Another attempt to sell weight loss pills
Another calorie counting program
Another low fat or low carb system that deprives your system of valuable nutrients
Another starvation diet that plunges your metabolism into oblivion
Some boring diet that eliminates ALL tasty foods
Another strict diet that comsumes your thoughts and takes over every minute of your life
Another weight loss program or Gimmick marketed by a beautiful fitness model (Who wouldn't understand slow metabolism if it hit her on the head with a chocolate bar)


Rather, this is a unique and easy to follow Guaranteed 3 Step System that allows people who even have very bad genetics to successfully reach their weight loss goals.
And you do this while IMPROVING your health, and NOT damaging it, as is often the case with fad diets and dangerous medications.


Some of the information here is not new.
You can find good advice if you really take the time to search but unfortunately most of its hidden amongst some ridiculously bad misinformation, hype and scams, in what is the Modern Day Diet Industry.
The nutrition and exercise advice that follows, however, is backed by 60 years of science, and thousands of hours of research.

It's simply astonishing that no other weight loss or nutrition programs are talking about this...

Your System is clogged Up

Chances are, if you have previously struggled with weight loss, then You most likely have kilograms of plaque and waste lining your intestines and colon, and a toxic liver! It doesn't take much, most diets nowadays are very acidic, especially the Western diet.

This plaque and waste actually reduces digestion (creating additional waste), hinders the proper absorption of vitamins and minerals, wreaks havoc with your metabolism, and the stuck waste can actually seep toxins back into your system (a process known as auto-intoxication). In addition, IF your liver is backed up with toxins then it doesn't have time to burn fat, one of its primary roles.

All of this means that your current weight loss efforts are being sabotaged; regardless of how much you diet or exercise.

The solution is quite simple, Once you get rid of this waste you'll get sick a lot less and you'll lose weight a heck of a lot easier.

Yet instead of focusing on the Root Cause of the Problem...


The Diet Industry Is Doing Their Best To Deceive & Manipulate


It's not your fault that you've never been able to lose the fat and get the lean body that you always wanted. The diet industry is a billion Euro industry built on temporary fixes and designed around repeat customers.

A lot of their customers are desperate and wish with all their heart that the next gadget, pill, cream, patch etc. will be the solution to their weight problems and low self esteem. They'll try something new, it won't work (or at best it will offer temporary results) and then in a few months they'll be back for their next offering. And so the cycle continues.

What's the point of giving you all the pieces to the puzzle, or sharing sound information?! How much money will they make if they address the Root of The Problem and then they never see a repeat customer?

All those pills, cellulite creams, exercise gimmicks, low fat products, shakes, health bars etc. are designed to give, at very best, temporary results. And the truth is that you might unknowingly ALREADY be damaging your health and sabotaging your weight loss efforts (for good) due to the dangerous chemicals found in fluid loss pills and so called 'health foods'.

The fact is 99% Of Diet Products Actually Hinder Your Weight Loss Efforts, Waste Your Time And Money, And Some Can Even Damage Your Health.

Are you surprised? ... or even shocked?

Well, one thing you should be is ANGRY! Large companies are profiting from your struggles.

In 2011 Italians spent XXXXXX on weight loss products and procedures. With that amount of money you would assume we are getting healthier, actually statistically, as a Nation, we are getting fatter and unhealthier each year.
So what's going on?


There is a lot of conflicting and confusing information being pushed around by the Diet Industry, and I'm sure you're tired of it too.
Do you feel as though:

You would like to lose weight but have no idea where to begin
You are doing everything correct but still see no results
You're tired of diets that take over your life

Do you step on the scale and think: "What the Heck?! I only ate Their health foods for the last 2 weeks and yet I still weigh the same!!"
or "I bought all the exercise equipment on TV but the only thing that lost weight was my bank account!"

Have you tried every single diet known to man kind and yet nothing seemed to work, the weight always came back? Well you're not Alone!

You see, I went through every crappy diet scheme, bought every tummy crunch gimmick and tried almost every diet pill on the market. I've spent thousands of Euros over the last 2 decades on 'health' foods, exercise gimmicks, skin patches, creams, bars, shakes, diet pills, tummy vibrators, appetite suppresants, celebrity weight loss programs, you name it. Always hoping that the next offering from the Diet Industry would be the one that makes the difference.

But I may have been a little more desperate than the average person to find a solution. You see my job actually depended on it...

I'm a fitness expert, and even though Now I have helped thousands of people get into the best shapes of their lives, I wasn't always in great shape myself. In fact, I was always about 20 kilos overweight in my teens, and about 8 kilos overweight even while being an instructor at my Gym! And this was the dilemna I faced for many years.
Who was I to give fitness and nutrition advice when I couldn't even get into proper shape myself.

I come from a family with a history of Diabetes and Heart disease, definitely not the best genetics. Food was a big part of my life and a lot of time was spent at family reunions and celebrations (typical of the Abruzzese culture), and obviously my phsique suffered.
Even though I was an active child, I never could lose that puppy fat.

I literally tried everything. I'll admit I was close to giving up...


I was SO sick and Tired of being controlled by my weight. I Had to Somehow Get control of my life!

Over a period of 10 years I spent many hours researching. Not only did I want to improve my own health and that of others, but also to save my reputation. How could others take me and my advice seriously if I wasn't in great shape myself?

I sought out and interviewed nutritionists, doctors and experts in the health field. They graciously shared a lifetime of knowledge on a variety of topics related to obesity and weight gain. I visited researchers around the world, and am forever indebted to a long list of physicians and specialized professionals who opened their doors, their brains, and their expert opinions to my curiosity.

A Lightbulb Moment Changed My Way Of Thinking

After chatting with so many doctors, and receiving so much helpful advice, for the first time in my life My Health Became More Important To Me Than My Weight Loss.
At the advice of doctors (who insisted that my thyroid gland was fine) I decided to cleanse my system to see whether I could hit the reset button.

The results were simply amazing... I had my breakthrough.

I Finally Lost 8 Kilograms of The Most Stubborn Fat You can Imagine!!

Out of countless useless programs, disappointments and agony, a simple and natural body cleanse opened the door to a happier life. (I was very excited to see that my yeast infection and sinus problems had also disappeared).


There were 3 crucial steps to my succesful regime:

1) Cleanse
2) Simple eating plan
3) Basic exercise routines 2 or 3 times a week.

(Not to worry, I'll show you exactly which tasty foods I eat, And my simple 10 minute workout routines.)


By focusing on improving my health I unwittingly discovered the Weight Loss 'Secret'

Before the introduction of take-aways, pre-cooked meals, supplements, preservatives, additives, taste enhancers, hormones, pesticides and packaged foods, obesity was nowhere near the problem that it is today.
It's only in the last Century that we've seen a massive decline in the quality of our foods, a massive increase in weight problems (and the associated health problems), and a big decline in the quality of our health, and therefore our lives.

The Western diet is without doubt the biggest factor that contributes to sickness, obesity and lethargy amongst our population. The diet is toxic, it causes you to store fat, to age faster, and it creates disease.

Whether we like it or not we are genetically programmed to require natural foods that help to create an Alkaline Internal Environment that is free of Toxins. But most of the foods that we eat today (even popular 'health' foods) contain chemical and sugars which create a damaging Acidic environment.

If you cleanse your system you'll lose that Stubborn weight much easier and your health will dramatically Improve

Imagine this...

You're the mayor of a city and the Garbage collection Union decides to go on strike.
The city continues to consume and eat what it normally eats, and it creates waste just as it normally does...
But the difference is that NOW you can no longer get rid of the trash. It begins to pile up.

Pretty soon one garbage bag dumped on the side of the road turns into many and that nasty smell begins to spread through the city. Your city. And there's nothing you can do to get rid of the trash that keeps piling up.

Nasty animals begin to feed on the waste stuck inside the system. People begin to recognise the threat because this can begin to spread disease and illness. Your city has become a bacterial feast. Disgusting!

As the fumes and toxins overtake the city you begin to struggle for every breath. Clean air is no longer getting to your cells. You begin to feel sick, lethargic, depressed and hopeless.


Well, the help is YOU?

YOU have the power to cleanse your system of all the waste and toxic build-up, and you never realised it until now, and it's a Lot Easier than you might think!

Now I'm certain you wouldn't want this to happen inside Your body! But it is happening right NOW. And, if you're honest with yourself I'm sure you'll acknowledge that your body has become polluted from years of bad eating habits and lifestyle choices.

At present you have 2 fights on your hands:

1. Your body is holding onto unecessary fats due to toxic overload.
Why? Because as a defense mechanism your body removes acid from the blood (so that it can get the necessary amounts of oxygen to the vital organs) and then it stores the removed acid inside of your fat cells. (NOT GOOD if you want to lose weight!)

2. Your body has practically shut the doors. It has lined its intestines and colon with toxic plaque and mucus which makes it next to impossible to digest your food properly and to get the required amount of nutrients from your foods, and so you end up having to eat more.


So How TOXIC Are You?

Do You Suffer From Any of The Following:


Gas and Bloating, especially after meals.
Constipation or diarrhea.
Irregular or Unsatisfactory Bowel Movements.
Foul smelling stools. soft stools.
Overweight. Excessive fat around the waist and hips. Fluid retention.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hemorrhoids, Colitis, Crohn's Disease.
Heartburn, Acid Reflux or Frequent Indigestion.
Frequent Headaches.
Candida, Yeast and other infections.
Sugar Cravings.
Skin problems like eczema, acne, hives, psoriasis, etc...
Heart Disease. Diabetes, Blood Sugar or Thyroid problems
Bad Breath
Fatigue and Lethargy
Breathing Difficulties including Asthma or Sinusitis
Food or Environmental Allergies
Mood Swings


These are just some of the conditions that are related to an acidic, or toxic body.
If you answered yes to even one of the above conditions then your body is in need of help.

This Toxic Overload is one of the biggest reasons that, even though we spend Billions of Euros on health care every year, we're fatter and sicker than ever before. In fact, obesity has now become as serious a problem as smoking. Being overweight is as dangerous to your health as smoking a pack
of cigarettes a day.


Dr Deniszczyc, professional head of physicians and diagnostics at Nuffield Health, said:
"Fat being stored around the waist can contribute to significant health issues, such as breast cancer and infertility.
Whilst waist size may seem like a cosmetic issue... it's an important indicator of overall health and well-being, particularly when taken into account with other health measurements."

The World Cancer Research Fund says:
"There is strong evidence that a large waistline is particularly harmful and raises the risk of cancers of the bowel, pancreas, breast (post-menopausal) and womb lining."

Dr Rachel Thompson, deputy head of science for WCRF, says: "Over the last few years the evidence has become increasingly strong that excess body fat, and particularly fat carried around the middle, is a cancer risk factor."

It's Human Nature to want a quick fix

In many of my dealings with clients they have absolutely no idea about the problem of Toxic Overload.
Most folks want to start immediately with a new exercise program and/or the latest new low fat or low carb diet. BUT they have never known how to FIRST address the route of the problem.

They begin something new, feel good about themselves for a few weeks, revert back to old habits and slowly begin to gain weight and feel sick again. And so the cycle continues...

We see a quick fix and we grab it, there is nothing new about this. It's human nature and The diet industry understands this. They have built a multi-billion dollar industry around this fact.


Just Changing Your Diet, or Exercising More, Will Not Be Enough to Combat Weight Gain

liver function

Your Liver Must Function At 100%

The 2 Main Functions of the liver are:

Break Down Fats

Filter Harmful Substances


If your liver is too busy filtering out all the harmful substances found in processed foods, and the chemicals found in 'health' foods, 'diet' snacks and weight loss pills, then it has no time to perform the very important function of breaking down fats.

The easiest way to boost your body's fat burning ability is to stop sending your liver harmful substances!

You can understand that effective long term weight loss is not about cutting calories, removing carbohydrates or even exercising hours each day. It's about eating smart.

If your liver is clogged up, or not allowed to function properly, then it's going to be very difficult to lose weight regardless of how much exercising or dieting you do.
Fat will then begin to accumulate in the area around the liver: The waist and hips.

Cleanse and revitalise your liver and you will turn it back into the metabolism boosting and fat burning organ that it was designed to be. Now imagine yourself starting a good weight loss program with a healthy liver thats burning fat for you 24 hours a day, even while you're asleep. You will boost your fat burning ability by at least 200%, 300% or even more! I have seen results like these over and over due to something as simple as a liver cleanse.

The secret here is to get your body healthy before you begin a weight loss program.

I believe that if you begin a weight loss program without cleansing your body first then you are setting yourself up to fail.

Fad Diets Don't work

OK, so now that we have a better understanding let's look at why most weight loss programs won't and can't work. Just a little warning though, this may contradict everything you thought you knew, and felt comfortable with about weight loss...


1. Weight Loss Pills

It's Fat you need to lose, not water. Any pill, food, or program that concentrates on fluid loss will leave you dehydrated and will burden your system and liver with dangerous toxic chemicals. And we already know what that does.
Water actually plays a crucial role in expelling toxins from the body. You need more water, not less!


2. 'Healthy' Low Fat Products

Most 'Health' and 'Low Fat' Products do more damage than good. I'll often pick up a 'low fat' or 'health' product at the grocery store and examine the ingredients only to discover Artificial Sweeteners, Preservatives, Additives, Taste enhancers, Hydrogenated oils or even the highly processed Fructose Corn Syrup. Heck, even most soy products are highly processed.
So you believe you're eating healthy, but you're just putting even more of a burden on your liver.


3. Low Carb Diets

Low carb diets rob your body of valuable nutrients and energy that you need for movement to maintain your lean muscle mass (which keeps your metabolic rate elevated). Low fat diets are even worse, seeing as though the ingredients of most low fat products are full of chemicals.
Rather, the key to losing the fat is the pattern that you eat your meals each day. This is because your body only needs certain foods at certain intervals each day. If you eat the right foods, in the right amounts, at the right times, you will burn fat.


4. Long Cardio Routines

Doing long boring Cardio exercises 4, 5 or even 6 times a week is probably the least effective way to burn fat, especially if you have a career, children, studies etc.
I'll show you some 10 minute workouts that burn more Calories than most exercises do in half an hour, and they will boost your metabolism for up to 36 hours. This means you'll be able to burn off the most stubborn belly fat in only 40 minutes per week, NOT 40 minutes per day.

The secret is to do short workouts with a variety of exercises that use all the major muscle groups.
This does a lot more for toning up and building lean muscle tissue than long slow burning aerobic exercises (compare the physique of a marathon runner to that of a 400m runner), and your time spent exercising is a lot more interesting. Your weight loss efforts can be as easily derailed by Boredom as by unhealthy eating.


5. Ab exercises, crunches, situps and All those weird exercises gadgets.

Don't let the beautiful fitness models tempt you. I have been in the industry for many years now and I can assure you that they did not get those bodies from those silly machines.

The body works like one big organ. Regardless of what area of the body you exercise, your body will burn fat throughout the body. Fat is stored under the skin AND also throughout the muscle tissues.
Of course, if you do the correct abdominal exercises then there's a good chances that you will develop strong abdominal muscles, however, if you have a high body fat percentage then those sexy ABS will remain hidden under a layer of fat!
The secret to losing stomach fat is working smarter NOT harder.


6. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and celebrity endorsed diets

These can be expensive and Veerrry Sloowww. Usually you spend months on these types of programs and you can pay hundreds and even thousands of Euros for their diet foods and products. And again, many of those packaged foods contain chemicals.


7. I Hate Counting Calories.

The amount of times I get asked about Calories... I'm sorry, but I want to scream sometimes.
It's not the amount of calories you eat but the quality of the food you eat!

I'm going to give you satiating and nutritious food combinations that when eaten the body will actually burn more calories digesting the food than the amount of calories the food actually contained.

If you just focus on eating healthy you can drop the calculator and end the counting madness.
In fact, the truth is most people who diet aren't eating enough calories! Here I was, just like you starving myself, only to discover that all that punishment was for nothing. I could eat satiating tasty foods, without restricting the quantities that I was used to eating.

In fact...

Do You Want to Lose Weight or Make Things WORSE

Calorie Restricting Diets actually harm your weight loss efforts.

Any diet that requires you to consume less calories daily than what a doctor says is healthy will actually do more harm than good in the long term.

Your body is a very clever and complex machine. When it understands that it is in a period of famine it will release some fat but it will also release lean muscle tissue and fluids.

Your metabolic rate is directly related to the amount of lean muscle you have.
The more lean muscle tissue you have the quicker your metabolism and the quicker you will burn fat.

Now you might think things are going great with a low calorie diet but once you resume normal eating habits (with a lower metabolic rate) then you will actually start to gain weight.
So, you finish the diet, eat the same amount of food you did before you began the diet, and then you put on weight even quicker than before you started the diet!

Not what you want.


3 Most Important steps to losing weight

These are the 3 simple steps, from Dieta Addio, specifically designed to revitalize and help you lose weight in a healthy and natural way.

1. Liver & Body Cleanse. Purify your blood, restore proper digestive and bowel function, And revitalize your liver and other overworked internal organs. I'll show you how to create the perfect environment for you to lose weight effortlessly, and feel healthier and more energetic.
Do you honestly believe that a bottle of Diet Pills (whose ingredients will place additional stress on your liver) will teach you this?

2. Incorporate healthy and delicious fat burning meals into your lifestyle. This way you'll continue to reap the rewards over the long term. Don't diet or Starve Yourself you'll still be able to enjoy those tasty treats.
Simply eat more alkaline based foods and less acidic foods. We'll discuss this in detail and I'll give you plenty of simple and inexpensive meal plans using ingredients you can find at your local grocery store.

3. Perform simple short exercise routines, 2 or 3 times a week. There's no need to kill yourself in gym, unless of course you enjoy it. I'll show you some powerful fat burning and metabolism boosting routines that can be done in 10 or 15 minutes.


It's these three steps that I refined into a simple, quick and safe system that follows 28 days. Initially I used some friends and family members as "guinea pigs"...

My husband competes at a good level of cycling and he had been struggling for years to lose an additional 6 kg to help his performance (this extra weight really makes a difference on the climbs).
Those last few kilograms of fat can be Extremely Difficult to lose especially when you already exercise a lot! He used this exact same system to reduce his weight from 76 to 70 kilograms.

See what my close friend Ilaria says:



"I love the changes I see in my body"
Hemorrhoids Cure Story

"Not only did I lose weight but I gained more energy than ever.
I love the changes I see in my body, no other weight loss program has given me the firmness and lean feeling in all the right places.

The meal plans were easy to follow, and gave me a lot of new cooking ideas, whereas previously I felt stuck and uninspired eating the same things all the time."


I then tested my system with 20 of my clients who were practically begging me to give it a try.


Amazingly, Everybody Who followed The 3 step System Got Positive Results

On average 20 out of the 20 men and women participating in my program lost kilograms of the most stubborn fat and regained their lives. What's even more exciting is that it worked for All Ages and Fitness Levels, Both Sexes, and especially for people, like myself, who had been trying to lose weight for years on other programs.

All men and women who used this method experienced these benefits:

Lost actual fat, not fluids, very quickly, regardless of their poor genetics, slow metabolism or thyroid problems.
Cleansed their body's from years of deadly toxic build-up!
Digestive Disorders Including Bloating, Gas, Diarrhea, Constipation, Acid Reflux and Irritable Bowel Syndrome Disappeared.
Felt Satiated After Meals and Never went hungry
Boosted Their Immune System And Eliminated Allergies Including Eczema, Sinus Congestion, Asthma, and Even Some Food Allergies!
Felt Lighter, Healthier and Enjoyed greater Energy Levels.
Eliminated That End-Of-Day fatigue.
In Many Cases Cravings For Unhealthy Foods Did Not Occur
Felt Healthier Happier and in control for the 1st time in a long time
Experienced A More Trimmed, Toned and Stronger Body
Achieved Permanent Lasting Results In A Safe, Simple And Efficient Way. No Rebound Weight Gain.
They Saved Themselves Hundreds and even Thousands of dollars by knowing what NOT to do!

(Note: Two people in the test group were previously diagnosed with thyroid problems. They still managed to lose weight at the same rate as the other participants.)


STORIA DI SUCCESSO #5: 'ANDY' FABIHemorrhoids Cure Story

"I almost feel guilty about not spending so much time at the gym"

"There's no such thing as an easy weight loss program, and I have tried a few.
With most I put all the hard work in and saw few rewards.
Also, I left these programs without much firm knowledge about nutrition or how to incorporate anything into my lifestyle.

But Dieta Addio is definitely very different.
It sets the standard and sure makes weight loss seem a lot easier. Hemorrhoids Cure Story

I almost feel guilty about not spending so much time at the gym,
especially when everyone else is there for an hour or more.

And Why isn't anybody else out there talking about the cleanse?
Duh!? It's a no-brainer.
I burnt the fat off so much quicker than I thought I would.
Now why didn't I do this years ago :-)"

San Francisco



"I've never felt this good or healthy before"
Hemorrhoids Cure Story

"I suffered for years from obesity and have seen dozens of specialists for treatment.
They all had different ideas and different solutions.
But things weren't improving and the bills and prescriptions were adding up, so I searched online for some help.

I was a little nervous at first to try your system, but so glad that I did.
The steps were very easy to follow and I noticed definite improvements after the first week.

Now having completed the system I have incorporated a lot of the meal plans into my lifestyle. I've never felt this good or healthy before.
To be honest, I haven't given the exercises a good enough shot but now that I am almost at my dream weight (3 kilograms to go) I feel like I have the strength and energy to tackle the routines.
Bless you."




"it was hard to believe that I would achieve these results so quickly"

"After all the diets I have tried, and regardless of what you told me initially, it was hard to believe that I would achieve these results that quickly.

I have tried many diets before but for each one I knew deep down that I was only providing a temporary fix.

I thought I knew a lot about all the differentHemorrhoids Cure Story diets available (I have a lot of experience bouncing back and forward between most of them :-) ) but almost all the information that you share was not only new to me but extremely helpful.

Yours is the first program that actually makes perfect sense.
It has provided me with something that I can use for the rest of my life.

I have managed to incorporate many of your principles into my daily routines. Some were easier than others but all in all nothing has really been a 'fight' like it was with some of the diets I tried.
Thank You."




"it's difficult to understand why one lets oneself operate at 50%"
Hemorrhoids Cure Story

"I have smoked for 18 years and admit that I had all sorts of unhealthy
eating habits, in particular late night sweet snacks.

After completing the first 7 days I dropped many of those unhealthy habits, without actually realising it. And after 3 weeks I quit smoking, which I hadn't even planned on doing.

Now that I have been following your diet suggestions and exercise program for a couple of weeks, I'm amazed at the changes in my body shape.Hemorrhoids Cure Story

I have begun to enjoy my workouts (I completed them all now).
I feel energetic and very different how I felt a few weeks back.
Looking back, it's difficult to understand why one lets oneself operate at 50% of one's potential.

Thank you for your hard work and knowledge, and thank you for sharing it with me."



I have continued to tweak and refine the system to be certain it would yield the most remarkable long lasting results. Since then thousands of men and women worldwide have used my 3-step system successfully and have lost stubborn weight, quickly, safely, naturally and for good.

The secret to the overwhelming success is that the DietaAddio system addresses the internal problem. It tackles all the contributing factors to your weight gain using a holistic, multi dimensional approach to ensure the permanent eradication of even the most stubborn fat.

Here's what you'll be able to get in Dieta Addio ™ that you'll be downloading just minutes from now.

I'll show you:

The exacts foods that will help you to burn the most stubborn belly fat guaranteed. You'll be quite surprised by some of these.

Why you'll always struggle to lose weight and suffer with a sluggish metabolism unless you first cleanse your system correctly.

How some advice from many top nutritionists will actually make you gain fat. It's shocking that so many get this wrong.

The key to getting that flatter stomach that you always wanted, and this has Nothing to do with situps, leglifts, crunches or any other boring ABS exercises. In fact, it's the single biggest mistake that Gym instructors make - but you won't.

This often used "safe" food additive is toxic and it's making you gain weight. If you have hyper-thyroidism you need to know this.

How To Cleanse your bodies Glandular System and boost your metabolism, sex drive, energy levels, muscle building, fat burning, mood and much more.

These simple workouts burn up to 9 times more fat than traditional cardio routines and they will keep your metabolism elevated for 36 hours!
You can do these exercises without a gym and without expensive equipment.

Discover the truth about How low carb, low fat and low calorie diets can crush your metabolism.

This simple trick will help you to seperate the good essential fats from the bad fats - the ones that made you put on the fat in the first place. Get this wrong and losing weight will be extremely difficult.

This 100% Natural Substance provides relief by soaking up poisons and toxins, and reduces headaches and nausea while your body cleanses. The native americans have been using it for centuries.

10 Golden Rules to Boost your Metabolism and Burn Fat even while you're Resting.
These secrets will help you to melt kilograms of fat from your body each month until You say 'Stop'.

7 Energy Boosting & Calorie Burning Foods that Absolutely MUST be Included in a Healthy Diet.

These satiating foods provide a feast of nutrients that will then Force your body to seek out and burn fat reserves. (Unlike low calorie diets that can actually create fat reserves.)

The Truth about carbohydrates. Which carbs are safe to eat and which ones will pack on the kilograms.

These so called 'Health' foods actually prevent weight loss. They place additional stress on your organs of elimination, and are secretly making you fat.

Easy to find inexpensive foods (from your grocery store) can be combined to create an incredibly powerful FAT BURNING EFFECT

Harmful Food additives that you absolutely must avoid. Many companies sneak these into their foods.

Dangerous Diets & Myths that actually SLOW YOUR METABOLISM. Save time & money & avoid these.

How to Restore Your suppressed hormone levels so that every cell in your body will be charged with youth giving and feel good hormones

How to extinguish uncontrollable food cravings!

Clear your body from years of deadly toxic build-up!

These proven tactics help to stop that Yo-Yo dieting effect that has your body weight bouncing up and down before and after dieting.

Discover Which Fats you're Not eating enough of! These Fats are healthy to eat and can actually help you to lose weight faster.

Why almost everyone in the Gym is wasting their time doing ineffective exercises like situps, crunches, bicep curls, shoulder raises, leg presses etc.

Discover 3 simple fat burning home routines that build lean muscle and ensure you get a toned fit body, and not a body like a marathon runner (long slow cardio routines)

And MOST IMPORTANTLY : How to live your life, enjoy your food and NOT spend hours in the gym, or on strict diet programs that take over your life.

and MUCH more....



"I can honestly eat this way for rest of my life."
Hemorrhoids Cure Story

"I was an overweight mother of two, suffering from excess weight and also increasing issues with skin allergies, lethargy and hair loss.
I tried different diets before and also worked with a fitness trainer, but the progress was very slow and that deflated my morale and caused me to lose track.

My belly was so big that some of my close friends asked if i was pregnant again!

I realised that the cleanse would help me address some of the issues that i have been struggling with for quiet a while.
I was impressed with the amount of information provided with this program and the support via emails about some questions I had.

Hemorrhoids Cure Story

I lost 9 kilograms in 3 weeks and my waist is now 10cm smaller!
I have learned a great deal about eating healthy.
I can honestly eat this way for rest of my life.

I feel so much happier when I look at my body in the mirror, and this good feeling has driven me to exercise even more.

I haven't felt this healthy in almost 15 years and a lot of people have remarked that my skin and complexion has improved.

Many thanks to you and your Dieta Addio System."




"Health Spa Owner Sees The Light"
Hemorrhoids Cure Story

"I found out 2 years ago that I had type 2 diabetes. That's when it hit me that even though I was fit, that layer of fat around my waist that has been with me since my early thirties proved that I wasn't healthy. I got interested in taking care of my health.

Since using your system for 5 months, my wife says I look 10 years younger. I have more energy, more time for my children, and my joint pain has greatly improved. Not bad."

Health Spa Owner




"A Fabulous Birthday Present"
Hemorrhoids Cure Story

"Forget about everything else... just from following your advice about short exercise routines with variety I have lost 22 kilos and I look better than I ever have in the past after a diet.
My arms have more definition and I have more muscle tone in my legs.
14 Centimeters Of Belly Gone And I was Never Hungry, not even for A Minute!

The other thing I find fascinating is that when I treat myself to
Hemorrhoids Cure Story unhealthy foods (that I used to eat all the time) I can now feel exactly
what it is doing to my body. I can feel the chemicals much quicker
and how my body reacts to them. Kind of a wake up call...

It's fantastic that I reached my medium term weight loss goals on my Birthday
I would never have dreamed that this could be possible.
Thanks for all of your help."

San Marino



"my body fat percentage is now 22% - down from 28%"
Hemorrhoids Cure Story

"I just took a body fat percentage test. I couldn't believe it. The test proved beyond any doubt that my body fat percentage is now 22% - down from 28% , and I lost 12cm around the waist!

Since starting your system I have been more then generous with my food portions, and I only exercise perhaps twice a week.

I feel a lot better, a lot more revived right now, healthier, I sleep better and I’m more energized throughout the day."



I Will Take You By The Hand and Teach You The Proven Strategies and Secrets That Have Allowed Thousands Of People Just Like you To Burn Off Their Most Stubborn Fat And Get The Lean, Healthy & Sexy Body They Deserve


These are not theories written by some medical geek for the Diet Industry or by a fitness model that has never had to struggle with bad genetics or slow metabolism. I use this system myself and still follow it as we speak. I practice what I preach.

I have been through all the pain, annoyance, stress and the feeling of disappointment and frustration. You take pills, weight loss teas, you do the next celebrity weight loss program, and try all the cellulite creams and exercise gimmicks, but to no avail. Some of these costly 'health' products eventually decrease your metabolism and make your Health worse.

Don't feel bad - you're not alone. I've been there too. I have learned the long and painful way. I made all the mistakes, bought all the wrong products and trusted all the wrong people.

I don't want it to happen to you. I want you to know the truth about weight loss and how you Can burn that stubborn fat of permanently. You deserve it. That's why I wrote this system.

In my e-books I reveal all of the secrets that I discovered, and I show you in plain simple language, the exact steps to follow to start losing weight instantly.

I have tested and perfected the key elements for years to make the system as easy to follow as possible, yet to be extremely effective in a very short time. I wanted my system to work in the real world for real people with busy lives and average or even bad genetics.


So Here's What You Get With Dieta Addio


#1 Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide

Sistema Nutritivo Per Bruciare i Grassi e Tornare Sani.

Book 1 is the introduction to Dieta Addio. The fitness and nutrition priciples will show you how to burn fat, Not Water, 24 hours a day. You'll learn helpful techniques that you will also use during Book 2: the Body Cleanse.


  • The Big Nutritional Secret. If you do only this 1 thing correct that's already 90% of the weight loss battle won!
  • Quali cibi 'sani' in realtà CAUSANO AL TUO CORPO DI TRATTENERE I GRASSI
  • 9 regole d'oro per aumentare il metabolismo e bruciare grassi - anche quando si sta dormendo.
  • 7 alimenti che aumentano l'energia & bruciano calorie che assolutamente devono essere inclusi in una dieta sana.
  • I 17 PIU' IMPORTANTI LINEE GUIDA PER ALIMENTARI. These are small easy to make lifestyle adjustments that have a huge impact on weight loss
  • and much more

You'll be wondering why you have never been told these things before.

Valore 30 Euro.


#2 Detox & Body Cleanse

The detox and body cleanse is the crucial 1st step of the program.

Weight loss, like any health condition, is a multidimensional problem that requires a multidimensional solution.
This is one of the reasons why the diet industry will (knowingly) continue to fail.
They tackle or treat individual factors, instead of treating the body and health as one, as a whole.

We'll show you how to restore proper digestive and bowel function, and revitalize your liver and other overworked internal organs. You'll create the perfect environment to lose weight effortlessly, boost your metabolism, feel healthier and enjoy more energy.

We're going to show you exactly what foods you are allowed to eat, so that you don't have to go hungry or lose lean body mass.

Valore 30 Euro


#3 Body Cleanse Meal Plans

Cleanse your organs of elimination and place your metabolism on fat burning auto-pilot.

This is not a restrictive diet that limits food amounts or requires you to count calories. Unlike other cleanses you'll be able to eat satiating foods that won't leave you with cravings, and you'll have more than enough energy to exercise and build your lean muscle mass.

We'll show you

  • which cleansing foods eliminate toxins and rejuvenate your organs.
  • when to eat and how often
  • how to prepare your vegetables to get the most nutrients
  • how to shorten your meal preparation times

You'll eat delicious foods that can be found at your local supermarket, and the simple meal plans are easy to personalise.

Valore 20 Euro.


#4 Dieta Addio Meal Plans

I'll tell you exactly what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. You will not be hungry and you won't have to count calories on this part of the program.

I have received many compliments from clients due to the fact that this is not a restricting diet. There are a wide variety of tasty foods and interesting recipes.

You'll be able to

  • enjoy tasty foods
  • eat sufficient portions
  • reduce cravings for unhealthy foods
  • all while burning that stubborn fat very quickly

Important: You'll learn helpful sustainable habits that can be incorporated into your lifestyle. This way you'll continue to reap the rewards over the long term.

Valore 20 Euro.


#5 Fitness Secrets

Beginner and Advanced workout programs to suit all ages and fitness levels.

Don't kill yourself at gym, I'll show you some powerful fat burning and metabolism boosting routines that can be done in only 10 or 15 minutes just 2 or 3 times per week.

All you have to do is copy and perform the simple step by step instructions. As you progress and feel comfortable with your strength and fitness you can move on to the next levels.

I'll also give you All 5 of my most powerful 15 minute workout routines that demonstrate the best combination of exercises to burn the largest amount of fat in the shortest possible time.

Valore 30 Euro.


Ora chiediti:

Isn't Your Own HEALTH & MORALE Important Enough To Give Yourself This Opportunity?

You could try to do all of this on your own, spending your time and money visiting doctors, nutritionists, dieticians and personal trainers, and experimenting with various weight loss products...

Ma Perché passare attraverso anni di prove ed errori quando si può leggere l'e-book Dieta Addio™ e seguire passo a passo pratiche e tecniche xxxxxxxxx to lose weight safely and quickly and improve your health, che ho tardato anni a mettere a punto? Utilizzando queste "informazioni privilegiate" si possono letteralmente risparmiare anni di prove ed errori e prendere direttamente una scorciatoia al successo!

Per non parlare di proteggersi dagli effetti collaterali nocivi dei 'health' foods and DIET Pills.

I metodi descritti nel nostro sistema Dieta Addio™ sono metodi che la maggior parte delle persone cercando di farlo da soli non scopriranno MAI .

Nel corso degli ultimi sette anni più di 7.000 uomini e donne in 11 paesi diversi hanno già utilizzato il programma con grande successo! Ed io ho usato i loro suggerimenti e recensioni per migliorare il sistema fino alla versione attuale. Non solo, ma il sistema Dieta Addio™ ha uno dei più alti livelli di soddisfazione nell'industria della salute: Più del 97% degli utenti sono soddisfatti con il programma.


Ordina Oggi E Riceverai I Seguenti 4 Bonus Per Un Valore Totale Di 80 Euro Assolutamente GRATIS...



Rimedi Olistici Naturali

Come Curarti Da Sola Il Sistema Digestivorimedi olistici naturali

Scopri cure naturali stupefacenti per malattie comuni del sistema digestivo e del corpo. Il libro contiene informazioni su sintomi di varie malattie, le cause, e come scegliere ed usare i prodotti a base di erbe per curarsi naturalmente da soli.  

Puoi godere di una rinnovata energia, maggiore vitalità e soddisfazione che deriva dal vivere una vita sana ed energetica.

Valore 30 Euro. Tuo GRATIS



Scopri come e perchè l'acqua è una cura miracolosa. Hemorrhoids Curare acqua

Cosa faresti se potessi ottenere, gratuitamente, una sostanza miracolosa che alleviasse i sintomi della depressione, stanchezza cronica, ulcere, stress, obesità, dolore, bruciori di stomaco, emicranie, acne, ed altri problemi.

Se sei nuovo all'idea della guarigione con l'acqua, questa è una publicazione che devi leggere. Cambierà per sempre il tuo modo di pensare all'H2O.

Valore 20 Euro. Tuo GRATIS



Aggiornamenti Gratis A Vita Per Dieta Addio

Questo programma è di gran lunga il metodo più efficace e collaudato per burn fat and improve overall health. Tuttavia, credo nel costante miglioramento così continuerò a ricercare, raffinare, e prendere i vari suggerimenti dei clienti per rendere tale programma anche meglio di quello che già è.

Ordina ora ed avrai garantiti tutte le edizioni aggiornate ed i bonus futuri GRATIS per tutta la vita! Questo è uno dei vantaggi impressionante dei libri elettronici, non c'è bisogno di andare in libreria e comprare una nuova edizione!
Questo è il modo migliore per rimanere completamente aggiornati su tutte le ultime novità xxxx in the weight loss and health.

Valore 20 Euro. Tuo GRATIS



Secret Bonuses Hemorrhoids Cure Story

Hint: These gifts will make your shopping trips a lot easier. You'll save you hours trying to recreate this all yourself.

This additional Bonus will allow you to keep track of your progress, and help you to meet the short term and long term goals which you set for yourself.

Valore 10 Euro. Tuo GRATIS



Since Dieta Addio is instantly downloadable I can sell this program day or night, and all around the world at any time. I don't have to charge you my hourly Instructor's rate, and I don't have to ship anything to you. This means that I can reduce my overheads and pass the savings on to you.

Today, I'm going to give you all these bonuses for free, and if you promise me that you willl send me your Before and After success story I'm going to knock the price down, even More!

The Total Value of This package is    €210

but I'm Not going to charge    €210

I won't even charge half    €105

For now, The price is only  €34.50   for the full package and All the bonuses.

This is less than what I charge my clients for an hour of personal training! You get all the information they would receive over a period of weeks instantly PLUS you get all the detox, liver cleansing, meal plans, nutrion advice, bonuses and lifetime updates!

Agisci In Fretta perché questa è l'ultima promozione cosi economica che offro per questo sistema.

The price will be going up to €49.95 very soon. If you return and refresh the page and the price has gone up then there is absolutely Nothing I Can Do.

Please Note: In un futuro non troppo lontano Dieta Addio™ sarà solo disponibile come pacchetto di consulenza e mentoring privato che costerà intorno ai 149.00 Euro.


And now, I'm ALSO going to take all the 'risk' out of it...

I'm So Confident That You Will See Fantastic Results With Dieta Addio That I'm Going To Put ALL of the 'Risk' on Me

If you don't think this is the fastest, simplest and safest way to lose weight, or for any reason you're not 100% delighted with the program, just ask us for a refund within 60 days.


guar head

Ti ricordi, prima quando ho scritto che ti garantisco che questo sistema funzionerà per te? Prenditi 8 settimane intere per provare il sistema Dieta Addio™. L'accesso è riservato e discreto al 100%, te lo prometto. Se scegli di implementare questo sistema raramente visto comincerai a sentire i risultati in solo 28 giorni.

Ti prometto anche che ti farò risparmiare almeno 499.00 Euro in future pillole, creme, costose visite mediche, XXXXX dietician, gadgets, health bars, shakes etc. etc..

Se provi i miei metodi naturali, ma dopo poche settimane ancora non vedi alcun risultato drammatico (ne dubito davvero) allora semplicemente fammelo sapere.

Se non posso aiutarti, ti rimborserò subito, in più potrai tenere i miei 80 euro di bonus solo per provare questo prodotto. Questo è praticamente come se ti pagassi 80 euro per decidere che non funziona - mi prendo io tutti i rischi. Va bene?

guar foot



Offerta a tempo limitato: Solo 34,50 Euro

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Accesso Immediato – anche alle 2 di notte - Garantito!


Aren't you tired of feeling bad and disappointed living in your own skin?

Do you REALLY want to finally overcome what's been holding you hostage?

Do you want to be in control?

You deserve so much more than the misinformation that's caused you to be where you are today.

You deserve to be slim, healthy, energetic, vibrant, confident, free and in control of your life.
And not just for a few days BUT for Life!

We all know the health problems associated with being overweight:
Heart disease, diabetes, digestive problems, high blood pressure, liver and gallbladder disease, cancer (endometrial, breast, and colon), Osteoarthritis, infertility, Stroke etc. So why would you Not want to do this for yourself?

Ask yourself, in 1 months time from now, what progress will you have made?
Will you finally have the body and health that you have always been dreaming about?
Or will you still be where you are right now wondering what will finally work for you, or even worse, sitting with the latest exercise machine gimmick or looking for that next magic pill?

You really can create a brand new healthier You in just 28 days.


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Offerta a tempo limitato: Solo 34,95 Euro

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Accesso Immediato – anche alle 2 di notte - Garantito!


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E' sicuro ordinare on-line?
Assolutamente! Il nostro processore di merci, ClickBank, è la prima scelta delle imprese legittime che vendono i loro prodotti e servizi online. Ha un eccellente record di sicurezza e protezione per gli acquisti online, senza neanche una incidenza nella loro storia operativa.

La tua privacy?
Dieta Addio™ è un sistema scaricabile consegnato in modo 100% confidenziale, e la tua fattura mostrerà solo "CLK * BANK". NESSUNO saprà mai nulla del tuo ordine, perché l'intero sistema viene consegnato al 100% online in modo sicuro. La tua privacy è la nostra priorità.

Una volta che effettui il tuo ordine sul server sicuro di Clickbank, sarai indirizzato alla pagina di scarica, dove è possibile scaricare XXXX tutti i XXXXXX manuale Dieta Addio e sarai in grado di iniziare IMMEDIATAMENTE. XXX L'e-book sono in formato PDF, che puo essere visualizzato su qualsiasi tipo di computer, tablet o telefono. Si può leggere direttamente sullo schermo del computer, o si può anche stampare una copia per se.

Questo è tutto quello che c'è da fare. Una volta scaricatoXXXX il tuoi libri, leggergli XXXX tutti da cima a fondo. Poi agire e iniziare immediatamente!

I risultati arriveranno. While you detox your body will lose 1,5 to 3 kg of waste, plaque and fat in the 1st week. After a week la causa radice that, until now, have hindered your weight loss will vanish. Ogni giorno dopo il peso XXXX si ridurranno ancora di più, and your lean muscle mass and body toning will increase. Inizierai a sentirti molto meglio mentre il tuo corpo si ri-bilancia rapidamente. After a month you will look and feel like a different person.

Meglio di tutto, saprai che la libertà dalle Weight Loss & Gain Cycle che hai ottenuto è permanente e saprai esattamente come ci sei arrivato.



"To be able to eat when you’re hungry and not feel guilty is a lifesaver!"

Hemorrhoids Cure Story

"I have struggled with my body my entire life.
Before I could even walk my mom noticed that I LOVED food.
My mom also struggled with her weight her whole life and tried to “help” me in my teen years by having me on join her on the latest fad diet or exercise gimmick.

Sometimes we would lose some of the weight, but would always put it back on.

I have always been active so I never became obese but doing more exercise seemed to help only up until a certain point.
I guess I thought that because I was burning a lot of fat with long cardio routines that I should be allowed to eat more. But that was a Big Mistake.

So, I started your program in March hoping that I would be able to lose maybe 10 kilograms
(I was about 20 kilograms over my healthy body weight).
In hindsight, I should have written more of my feelings at the time down, just to document my progress, but I’ve never been good at writing things down...

It has been a slow but healthy process, and I have lost 18 kilograms since I started 4 months ago. I know the importance of losing weight slowly as this means I'm ingraining good eating
principles and then it’s more likely that I'll be able to keep the weight off permanently!

I kept up your suggested exercise routines at least twice a week and supplemented that with walks sometimes in the evenings after supper.
I have seen the most amazing changes in my body! It’s undoubtedly the best feeling that I've had in my life.
Everytime I look in the mirror, I think, hey I did that. It's a confidence boost.
And it's amazing when people who have known me for years say “Wow! You look so tiny!”
Me. Tiny?

The biggest disadvantage? Wow, my new clothes bill!
Anyway it's great to try on clothes that I would have never have even considered before.

The biggest advantage? I’m never hungry. It's so wonderful to get to eat when you’re hungry and not to feel guilty.
And eating like this is actually much cheaper than before.

Thank you for all your help.

Diana B.



"I'm easily maintaining my weight for the last 6 months"

Hemorrhoids Cure Story

"Every time my parents would see me over the last few months, they would keep saying “Wow, you’re looking great” and “You look so thin!"

My mom has been on Weight Watchers for years and is always starving herself so that she can enjoy the next meal out or a big dinner with the family.

She tries her best but her weight seems to always creep back up, and I believe it's due to chemicals in the diet foods that she has to buy with the program.

My dad's entire menu is determined by my mom's diet, so you'd think he would have lost weight. Wrong! He's actually gained a few pounds in the last year.

There's definitely a lot of vital information missing with other diet programs.
It's fine to give people the tools but they have to know what to do with them

I have showed them your site, but you know, you can lead a horse to the water...
We'll see, maybe they'll come around.

Myself, I'm easily maintaining my weight for the last 6 months, and I feel and look healthier than ever."



Se sei anche solo minimamente interessato a conoscere che cosa vuol dire la libertà permanente del Weigh Loss Cycle, and what it's like to enjoy Optimal health, allora lo devi a te stesso di provare Dieta Addio ™.
Tiene a mente che il 95% delle persone in questo mondo continuarà a cercare quella pillola magica, ma non credo che se sei arrivato a leggere fino a questo punto tu sia il tipo di persona che segue la massa.

Se sei una di queste persone speciali che è ​abbastanza motivato​ per  provare una vera e propria soluzione onesta ed efficace, e se sei pronto a fare quello che serve per lose weight quickly and in the healthiest way possible, puoi unirti a noi ed ordinare oggi, perché "il solo pensarci" non ha mai portato a nessun miglioramento della salute.

Sara Mancini Hemorrhoids Cure


Sinceramente La Tua Amica e Confidente,

Sara XXXXX.,
Personal Trainer, Ricercatore medico, Consulente della salute, specialista di nutrizione ed autore del sistema Dieta Addio™.


P.S. Se hai domande, dubbi o desideri risposte prima di ordinare, non esitare a contattarci in qualsiasi momento. Dieta Addio™ ha già funzionato per migliaia di uomini e donne in 11 paesi diversi del mondo, e molti di loro prima che cominciare hanno avuto domande a proposito del programma. Ti prego di non fare l'errore di abbandonare questa opportunità per la preoccupazione che possa essere una montatura o una truffa. Se hai dubbi fammi mettere la tua mente a riposo. Sarò più che felice di parlare con te se hai bisogno di rassicurazioni. So che il mio sistema può funzionare anche per te.

P.P.S. Ricordati che se ordini Oggi otterrai l'Offerta Speciale a tempo limitato. The price is only €49.95 €34.50 for the full package, the 4 e-book gratuiti, ed aggiornamenti Gratis A Vita, ma questa offerta non sarà disponibile ancora per molto. Quindi, per favore agisci ora ed approfitta di questa occasione molto rara. Se tornassi in un paio di giorni, e l'offerta speciale fosse andata, non c'è niente che io possa fare per te!

P.P.P.S. Permettimi di darti un motivo in più per cui dovresti ordinare questo sistema oggi:

Ti darò i segreti per lXXXXX achieve optimal health and lose weight quickly and permanentlyXXXX. Perché spendere ore e ore del tuo tempo prezioso rintracciando informazioni che possono o non possono essere affidabili, quando si può imparare tutto quello che c'è da sapere sulla XXXXXX perdita di peso (e voglio dire tutto) XXXX nei mieie libri comodi e pochi costosiXXXX?



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Accesso Immediato – anche alle 2 di notte - Garantito!


NOTA: Dieta Addio™ sono e-book scaricabile. Nessun prodotto fisico sarà spedito. Dopo aver ordinato, avrai accesso istantaneo alla pagina per scaricare sul tuo computer 5 XXXX e-book e tutti i bonus aggiuntivi.

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